About Us

ELEMENT’s staff are highly skilled experts in the fields of service that we provide to our clients. A brief bio for of each staff member is provided below. Please contact us for more detailed information and to discuss your project needs.

Beorn A. Courtney, P.E.

President – Water Resources Engineer


Ms. Courtney is a licensed Professional Engineer with experience in a broad range of water resources planning and policy topics, including water conservation planning, water rights investigations, consumptive use modeling, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, and the nexus between water and land use planning.  Ms. Courtney is skilled at project management including project team coordination, developing and maintaining client relationships, and providing technical oversight and review.  She has served as project manager for a variety of state, municipal, and private clients and has provided expert witness testimony in water court and briefings to the Colorado legislature.


Matthew J. Welsh, P.H.

Principal – Hydrologist


Mr. Welsh is a certified Professional Hydrologist with expertise regarding surface and ground water rights, water supply planning, and water efficiency.  Surface water specialties include availability analyses, historical consumptive use evaluations for change of use applications, plans for augmentation, exchange analyses, and operational modeling. Groundwater expertise includes modeling of lagged depletions from well pumping and aquifer evaluations including groundwater recharge projects. Matt also has extensive experience with a wide range of water conservation and efficiency topics, including municipal efficiency planning at local and regional scales, assisting utilities with the development of policies and regulations to promote efficiency, and statewide demand planning.


Logan Burba, P.E.

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Ms. Burba is a licensed Professional Engineer with a passion for water resources and planning. Her expertise includes water efficiency and supply planning, water rights investigations and consumptive use analyses, and modeling to support complex water supply and demand challenges. Ms. Burba has extensive experience managing regional cooperative projects including implementing and operating regional water supply plans, stakeholder engagement, master planning, and regional efficiency and education programs. Ms. Burba’s work has integrated a wide range of water resources and operational components to develop creative solutions to complex water supply and demand challenges.


Neelha Mudigonda, E.I.

Staff Water Resources Engineer

Ms. Mudigonda is an Engineer Intern that has been developing skills in water resources engineering since 2016. Neelha has prior experience with Colorado water rights from an administrative perspective and joined ELEMENT in 2019. She currently provides technical expertise to support water rights projects including changes of water rights, augmentation plans, and water rights accounting and also assists with water supply planning and demand management projects.