Water Rights Engineering


ELEMENT staff are highly skilled in all technical aspects of surface and ground water rights. We specialize in calculating project water demands, identifying physical water supplies to meet demands, quantifying project impacts to the river, and developing operational plans that do not result in injury to existing water rights.  We work closely with our clients and their legal counsel to develop robust, yet cost-effective, water rights plans that streamline the complex permitting process, including the Colorado Water Court system.


ELEMENT is fortunate to have a variety of municipal and private clients that have repeatedly retained our staffs’ services to successfully complete complex surface and ground water rights projects in the western United States. We appreciate the importance of understanding our clients’ needs and local issues to maximize the efficiency of negotiations and Water Court proceedings.

ELEMENT is experienced with the following types of water rights services:

  • Determining water demands for project needs
  • Physical and legal water availability analyses
  • Historical consumptive use analyses for change of water rights
  • Plans for augmentation to replace out-of-priority depletions
  • Substitute Water Supply Plans to allow for temporary operations
  • Exchange potential modeling
  • Water rights accounting
  • Well permitting
  • Lagged stream depletion modeling
  • Groundwater recharge evaluations
  • Aquifer analysis and characterization
  • Water rights valuations/appraisals
  • Expert witness testimony