Water Conservation Planning and Policy

ELEMENT provides progressive water conservation and sustainability services to support planning and policy efforts. We excel at identifying unique opportunities to more efficiently use water and other natural resources, helping balance growth and the environment. ELEMENT has a successful track record of working with state agencies and municipalities to manage water demands and implement water efficiency projects. ELEMENT staff have provided testimony to the Colorado legislature that led to the creation of ground-breaking new statutes to incentivize water conservation through managing demands and advance rainwater harvesting.

The following is a list of representative water conservation and efficiency planning projects:

  • Provided technical assistance to legislators in creating House Bill 09-1129 regarding Authorization of Rainwater Harvesting Pilot Projects in Colorado.
  • Assisted legal counsel, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, and the State Engineer’s Office in creating House Bill 09-1129 Criteria & Guidelines Regarding Rainwater Harvesting Pilot Projects.
  • Worked with the Colorado Water Conservation Board to update water conservation portions of the Statewide Water Supply Planning Initiative (SWSI), adding scientific basis for future active municipal and industrial water conservation savings.
  • Assisted the Colorado Water Conservation Board with the development of the state’s Drought Toolbox.
  • Assisted the Colorado Water Conservation Board in developing Guidelines for the State’s data collection effort authorized under House Bill 10-1051 Regarding the Reporting of Water Use and Conservation Data by Covered Entities.
  • Partnered with WaterDM to prepare the Roaring Fork Regional Water Efficiency Plan, which will be the first integrated plan in Colorado to be collaboratively developed by multiple municipalities and other stakeholders to achieve specific common watershed goals.
  • Partnered with WaterDM to provide services to the New York City Water Board in preparing municipal water efficiency plans for northern communities that purchase wholesale water from the City.